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IMPORTANT: Please note that we have relocated to the Tucson Area and are only performing inspections in the Tucson and Green Valley area.


We make it our top priority to provide quality inspections (not quantity) for our customers so we’re sometimes booked up 2-3 days in advance.


How it works:

  1. Submit the order form below.
  2. We’ll contact you for confirmation.
  3. We’ll contact the seller to schedule the inspection.
  4. Once the inspection is scheduled, we’ll contact you for payment.
  5. Immediately after the inspection, we’ll call you with the results.
  6. We’ll then send you a link to the report and photos the same day.


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    Inspections Include

    EXTERIOR - Condition of body and paint including dents, scratches, body filler and rust. Inspect bumpers, mirrors, lights, glass, trim, seals and more.

    TIRES & WHEELS - Inspect tires for tread depth, uneven wear and wheels for damage.

    UNDERHOOD - Inspect condition of engine and components including battery, belts, hoses, cooling system, A/C and condition of all fluids.

    UNDERBODY - Visually inspect for leaks, rust, exhaust system, frame, differential, floor pans, steering components and more.

    INTERIOR - Thorough inspection including a/c, gauges, seats, carpet, mats, sound system, door panels, signs of smoking and more.

    ROAD TEST - Evaluate engine & transmission performance, scan for OBD codes, check brakes, steering, suspension, unusual noises and more.

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